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Arizona Information:

Could there be a more perfect destination than the desert southwest? Bring your group here and they'll revel in the perfect climate, spectacular scenery and the spirit of the old west. The only problem is once they've set their eyes on Arizona's offerings, other destinations will seem inadequate.

The Phoenix/Scottsdale area embodies all that is good in Arizona. The weather is, well, perfect. Natural wonders are minutes away, instead of hours. The desert is unspoiled and plentiful, and getting around is a breeze. Activities like hiking, jeep tours and biking take place in beautiful environs, not in the heart of a city.

Cuisine and shopping are both of the highest caliber, and when you add it all up, it's an incredible destination for groups of all sizes. All of the resources you need to plan an incredible program are right here, beginning with the staff of Destination Arizona Conference Planners. We live here, work here, and love it here. We look forward to sharing our secrets about the area with you, so everyone in your group will get the most out of their experience. If you're considering the greater Phoenix area as a group destination, there are some things you may want to know right away.

The Weather and your Wardrobe
The greater Phoenix area is a desert environment. That means you can count on year-round warm weather. It does rain in Phoenix, but it's usually in short bursts, and most of it falls in February and March. Participants can essentially dress for summer in every month but a few, and usually need little more than a light jacket or sweater on our most crisp winter evenings.

The lifestyle here is casual and only a few restaurants require a jacket, so leave your formal wear at home with that bulky winter coat. Pack lots of cottons and other fabrics that breathe. You'll need comfortable walking shoes, a swimsuit and your favorite casual wear. Most importantly, don't forget the sunglasses.

Destination Arizona Conference Planners
Destination Arizona Conference Planners

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